Mobius is a new and fast growing IT company.

Our main competitive advantage is our strong focus on Services Business. We are a services company providing professional IT-services (for more details please refer to Recurring Services and One-Time Сharge Services). We are not going to become a leader in each segment of the Russian IT-market or impress our clients by the variety of our portfolios. Rather we focus on developing key competences and struggle for high quality of our service and, as a result, our clients’ trust. Quality, Trust, and Attitude has become our motto.

About us

We help our clients:

to manage their IT-infrastructure in a simple and transparent way to cut the cost of IT-infrastructure ownership to increase efficiency of running/new IT-solutions
to conduct a full scope IT-audit to develop IT strategy meeting business requirements and challenges etc

Our advantages

We are a unique company in the Russian IT-market because our business model is developed around services providing high-quality solutions to our clients. We do not supply «boxes» or licenses if it is not part of our services solutions. Our strategy includes a constant transformation focusing on meeting the needs of the rapidly changing market and our clients. Our team consists of highly professional experts with an international IT experience.

Our Mission:

to contribute to success of our clients in various segments of the Russian market by providing high-quality and innovative technology services.

Our Goal:

to become a leading IT-Services company in the Russian market.


Recurring Services

This part describes complex services solutions (clusters) developed by the Mobius company for our clients and defines key approaches used for implementation of the solutions. Each of the clusters includes the package of different services and has a modular structure. Solutions are designed under the principle from the simplest to the most complex ones not having explicit boundaries. As a result, our clients can combine the services from different clusters by themselves and in accordance with their requirements.



Business Process &
Application Outsourcing




One-Time Сharge Services

This part describes the portfolio of OTC services. Many of these services can be used as a part of solutions provided on a regular basis (see Regular Services part of our site). Apart from the standard OTC services we develop and implement individual projects for our clients. As compared with many other big IT companies in the market focused on standardization of their portfolios, we believe that only individual approach to solving complex IT issues can be successful and contribute to a long-term relationship with our clients.